Feb 16, 2008


The shutters are going up in the Beehive, and the 9th floor is again in crisis mode. The Party that tried to fight the last election on the notion that National was being backed by loony religious groups and US bag men, has huge questions being asked of it as a result of comments by its own bag man.

Not only do the dates not square with Glenn's comments, there are now suggestions that Glenn was being offered a Cabinet position (Helen - we have a few dollars to rub together - how much for Minister of Finance??). We also now know, that as well as his generous donations to the Party, Glenn has made an interest free loan of $100,000 to help it out of its current financial hole. This makes the New Year's honour smell even worse.

To make things worse for the PM, Fran O'Sullivan has just torn the scab off the wound in today's NZ Herald. We agree with every word.

Yesterday there was some criticism for the Dom Post's Kim Ruscoe for not noticing the inconsistency in timelines between Glenn's version of events and those the rest of us know to be real. But on reflection, Ruscoe's interview has turned out to be one of the best scoops of the year. Well done Kim!