Apr 13, 2008

WTO Needs A New Website

We have been trying now for close to 24 hours to search the WTO website for a copy of New Zealand's services commitments (which should be on the MFAT website but which seem to have been removed) but we continue to stumble at the Documents Online hurdle. Could someone in the Secretariat please look into this problem.

Some weeks ago we encountered reliability issues with the NZX website and suggested that a new site was in order. Weldon, being a man of action acted immediately. A new website will be up and running within days we are told. It will be interesting to see whether the WTO is so responsive.

By the way, in thinking long and hard about the Treasury advice about proposed National Party policy, we are finding it hard to see how the Labour-led Government's change to the overseas investment regulations would be any less of a problem in terms of WTO commitments than would be the proposed National Party policy. But we will read carefully the Treasury advice on this matter and with lucck the WTO website will start working sometime soon.