Apr 13, 2008

Winston Stars In SST

But he may not be that happy with the publicity.

Raybon Kan "We have a foreign affairs minister who doesn't like foreigners. He must be occupying some level of hell right now, when he keeps discovering that every country he visits is full of them. Ewww. What's more, they keep touching his passport and shaking his hand."

Michael Laws " Don't talk about it and people won't eat themselves to death. Suicide by mouth.
Which is what Winston Peters attempted to do last week.

Sometimes you bite off more than you can choke on. Keeping the baubles of power, while being opposed to an alleged Chinese takeover, is just that chunk."

Matthew Hooton "The clown that Helen Clark calls her foreign affairs minister is trying to get fired"

Chris Trotter - also deals with this issue but this neo-Marxist interpretation does not deserve repetition in this neo-liberal blog.