Apr 9, 2008

New Zealand Business Outraged By Winston's Latest Antics

As festivities wrapped up in Beijing following the signing of the FTA with China, the members of New Zealand's biggest business delegation ever were outraged by news that Winston Peters had not only decided to vote against this important outcome, but that he was also being critical of the outcome. News that he was planning to run anti-FTA advertisements made some particularly angry, with at least two participants saying that they will match every NZ First ad with one of their own. Pretty much everyone apart from officials and the two Ministers agreed that Winston should be either fired or resign. Minister Goff was particularly rattled by the mood in the room, and was forced to concede that Winston's criticisms were "bullshit". Education Minister Chris Carter left the dinner after only an hour. The Hive is unsure whether this was tactical exit or one that had been pre-arranged.