Apr 10, 2008

More Inconvenient Truths From Mike Moore

“New Zealand’s governance is in a state if disrepair, it’s dysfunctional and the problems systemic,” according to former Prime Minister of NZ and former Director-General of the World Trade Organisation, Mike Moore.

“It’s moving from farce to tragedy. I can’t think of another country in the world which would have a Foreign Minister who opposes what his Prime Minister says is a big deal, the NZ/China Free Trade Agreement. Another Minister says he supports the deal but will boycott a reception. Three parties that have pledged to support the Government will vote against the Agreement. The Agreement will pass because the Opposition will correctly support the Government.

Winston Peters says he will oppose the sale of private shares in the Auckland Airport, after being the Minister who was instrumental in the original sale. His English-born deputy continues to rant against migrants when the majority of our migrants come from the UK. He lumps all Asians together, from Pakistan to Japan, and says they will outnumber Maoris. His geography is suspect, why not lump all Polynesians, Micronesians, and Melanesians together?

Parliament can no longer perform its solemn and historic duty of scrutinising, questioning and challenging each other. Why won’t National question NZ First, why won’t Labour contest the Maori Party? Both National and Labour stay silent because it’s dangerous to challenge them, you may have to form a coalition government - that’s MMP. But it’s costly, investors overseas are confused - they are not alone. Business people and many politicians cannot say this, that’s why I am. This process lacks honour, let alone dignity. Why don’t NZ First and the small parties care if 95% of New Zealanders oppose them? Because they only seek to break the 5% threshold of MMP.”

Mike Mooreformer Prime Minister of New Zealandformer Director-General of the World Trade Organisation