Apr 12, 2008

Do We Have A Hidden Agenda?

John Armstrong writes today that Winston's critics have a hidden agenda. Well we have from time to time been a bit critical of Winston Peters. Do we have a hidden agenda? We don't think so. We firstly want a new foreign minister so that the rest of the world stops laughing at us. Second, we would be be very happy to see Winston Peters leave the political scene. Our preference would bee through retirement. We are pretty open about these two agenda items so resent Mr Armstrong's suggestion that our agenda is hidden. But what is Armstrong's agenda? Is he simply bum licking in the hope of being fed some tit bit by Winnie? Or is he seeking a particular outcome from the election this year?

The strongest argument Armstrong has in defence of Winston staying on as Foreign Minister is Winnie's relationship with Condi Rice. Does he not realise that this relationship is nothing to do with Winston's capability in the job. It is purely sexual - platonic we should stress. Winston has for years made women aged 45 and above go weak at the knees. He dresses immaculately and shines his shoes (maybe Armstrong doesn't know how women tick, next time we see him we will inspect his shoes). He is also charming. Totally without substance, but he is one of the most polite men left on the planet (his mother did a fantastic job in bringing Winston up). During his political career hundreds of thousands of New Zealand women have lusted after Winston. Condi is one of his newer converts. To make the relationship more complete all Winston has to do is stare a little too long at Condi's well exposed legs and high heels and he has her as putty in his hands. Well done, Winston, you have pulled another one. But is this good reason for him to stay on as Foreign Minister? Couldn't boy wonder and now poet extraordinaire David Cunliffe be equally charming?