Oct 3, 2008

Palin Wins Debate - Slam Dunk

OK the non-balanced media including CNN and the ignorant New Zealand television types gave it to corrupt Joe on points, but we thought Sarah Palin did very well. Under enormous pressure she didn't stuff up, and indeed sounded very strong at times. She also displayed the common touch. And it isn't just the balanced types at Fox news who thought she won. Read this from the well known crypto-fascist Washington Post.

People who deal with words for a living will probably find Biden's performance more professional. But the most consistent goal of the candidates tonight was clearly to be seen as the Main Street populist. And here Biden simply cannot compete. For all his talk of Scranton and Home Depot, he is a senator playing at being an average person. Palin -- on the evidence of "Yah," "Doggonnit!" and "Darn right!" -- is an average person. That may not be the best qualification for high office. But I suspect that many Americans find it attractive.

Sarah Palin is going to be a very good Vice President.