Oct 14, 2008

Actually Bollard Should Resign

If what Audrey Young writes is true. We can't find an electronic version sorry. On page A3 of the Herald Audrey says that Bollard wanted to brief Key (as conventions makes clear he should have done) on the development of the deposit guarantee scheme before it was announced, but the Government refused to allow it.

"Dr Bollard made it clear at a private briefing with Key yesterday afternoon that the bank strongly recommended to the Government that National be given an earlier briefing".

This is frankly an outrage. If we were Bollard we would resign. His position has been undermined.

And what was the PM's response

"Once again he's [Key] has been caught sleeping on the job".

This is an outrage also.

Sorry Helen, you have been caught fiddling the system. It's about trust, and we can't trust you anymore.


We are not calling for Bollard's head Roar Prawn. We are suggesting that he should resign in protest at his advice being ignored!!!!