Mar 11, 2008

Why Can't The Left Cope With Rational Debate?

There is a rather interesting post on a blog called kiwiblogblog which seems to be dedicated to saying nasty things about David Farrar. They seek to dismiss this blog in terms of size of readership and a right wing bias - it is a sad day when sensible policy gets labelled right wing.

They might like to look beyond their own position in the latest blog rankings and see who is at #9 just behind them, with a better Alexa NZ ranking than they have (suggesting a bigger readership).

Anyway kiwiblogblog, The Standard can't reply because they have sought direction from the 9th floor. The inclination of the PM's press secretary was to say Maryan Street, but that drew frowns... Therein lies the problem. How can Maryan be at the core of the plot without there being conflicting loyalties??